Changing the Narrative

by Lukas Cash

Something special happened last night. We planned for a celebration. We hoped for a good turnout, and good times. What we got was nothing short of a revolution.

raised scarf group pic 1

Look at the pictures and you will see the fellowship of New Mexico. Every demographic you could think of was present. People from every corner of New Mexico soccer, every tax bracket, every age group and every ethnic background stood shoulder-to-shoulder (literally), and as packed as Starr Brothers was, there was no griping, no animus, no impatience, and no frustration. We didn’t need personal space, because this event morphed into something bigger than any individual; something bigger than a scarf; and dare I say it, something bigger than the beautiful game. Last night was about one thing: unity

We are all tired of the negativity that too often dominates the media and our attention. We’ve heard more than enough about shortcomings and failures. On a Thursday night, in the dead of winter, The Sol Family showed up in force and effectively said, “Let’s change the narrative and show the world what this city, and this team is all about.”

That soccer world at-large took notice. Chris Madden, Director of the PDL, Competition and Development had this to say on Twitter all the way from the league offices in Tampa, FL:

Chris Madden tweet

Our organization has been privy to amazing supporters from day 1. Last night was certainly not the first iteration of the passion and support this community has for soccer. Having said that, I think even our most long-standing supporters would agree that January 25, 2018 was the genesis of a new and exciting chapter. Was it a tipping point? Only time will tell, but it was proof positive of how beautiful and unified we Burqueños can be.

Let’s not lose this momentum Sol Family. Let’s keep the revolution going, let’s bring even more brothers and sisters into the fold, and let’s keep the Sol at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Last night was amazing, but it wasn’t the finish line. It was a new beginning.

A gigantic thank you to Starr Brothers Brewing & Shutterbooth ABQ  who helped make this event happen!

raised scarf group pic 2