Soccer has this way of moving people. It’s stopped civil wars and unified nations. Albuquerque has long been a soccer hotbed, we just haven’t realized the full potential of the “Beautiful Game” in our city.. Until now! Ron Patel was sitting in his apartment in April of 2013 and was researching soccer in Albuquerque. Being a resident for just 9 years, he knew of the Albuquerque Asylum, but no other teams. “Why not?” he wondered. “Why is there not more soccer in Albuquerque?”

Hailing from Liverpool, England, Ron grew up around the game. Every day of his childhood was spent around the game. Whether it was playing on his local team, playing with his dad (Ron Sr.) in the front yard, watching his beloved Liverpool FC in the English Premier League or the English national team vie for the European and World Cup, Ron has had a true passion for the game since childhood. It’s this passion that he wants to share with you, the people of New Mexico and have you share his passion for the World’s game.

Albuquerque Sol FC was officially announced on December 5, 2013, at a press conference at Hotel Cascada. Since then, the full team of terrific people behind the Sol has been working diligently to bring you the unique experience of attending an Albuquerque Sol FC match. It’s so much more than a soccer match. It’s an experience. Come experience it with us!